Which state is the best to study in america?

While Missouri is not one of the 10 most populous states in the U.S. In the U.S., it is in the top 10 in terms of the total number of universities in the state. California has some of the best universities in the U.S. UU.

It is home to prestigious universities such as Stanford, the California Institute of Technology and the University of California at Berkeley. This West Coast Golden State is the number one destination for international students. It is home to 9 top-notch universities and offerings and, in addition, a beautiful backdrop. Students are also attracted to the rich cultural history and diversity of California's population.

Graduates from California universities have created some of the best-known technology companies, such as Yahoo, Snapchat and PayPal. Many universities in the state are high schools for leading Silicon Valley technology companies. After Alaska, the Lone Star state is the second largest in the United States. The cost of living is lower in Texas than in other states, making it an attractive destination for international students.

A quarter of all international students enrolled in Texas universities come from India. The cities of Boston and Cambridge, in New England, in the Bay State, are synonymous with Ivy League education. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one-third of the student population is international, with approximately 154 countries represented. More than a quarter of Princeton University students are international.

Of all the colleges and universities in Massachusetts, nothing beats Northeastern University in Boston when it comes to international student enrollment. After NYU and USC, Northeastern has the third largest community of foreign students in the United States. California has beaches and New York has arts. Texas has a barbecue and Massachusetts has history.

Illinois is the prairie state, so the universities here are affectionately called cornfield campuses.

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