How do i make friends when studying abroad?

Feel comfortable being alone and talking. Many universities have clubs and social groups that students can join. Usually, each school will have a website dedicated to clubs or a social day where groups will introduce and recruit new members. I suggest you check the university's website and social media to see if there's anything that matches your interests.

There will be plenty of options, from sports debate clubs to wine tasting clubs. Studying abroad can be a formative experience, and if you've spent time facing the challenges of a foreign culture with new friends, lasting bonds can be created. On the other hand, they may not feel the need to have a lot of friends and may be happier exploring new places on their own and spending time alone. If you're still not sure how to make friends abroad, getting roommates can be an easy solution.

International friendship, especially in a living situation, can go beyond what you would expect from friendships in your own country. If you made friends with other international students or even with students from another part of your home country, you'll have friends from all over the world to turn to. Don't hesitate to greet a new friend sitting next to you and start a conversation when you're assigned to an icebreaker group. For example, I wanted to watch the World Cup game in England last week, but none of my friends were available or supporting the same team.

In an unfamiliar environment, it can be comforting to have friends who understand the language, customs, and what life is like at home. I started by downloading Bumble BFF, an app that works the same way as a dating app, in that you “connect” with people you're interested in, except that it's designed to make friendships. However, with the right group of friends, studying abroad can be one of life's best experiences. In addition, local students may already be concerned about their groups of friends and are not interested in hanging out with students who will be leaving again in a few months.

Roommates, whether in a dorm room or a shared flat, are a great way to easily meet new friends, save money, and be surrounded by social activities. While not all students have traveled thousands of miles to study, most will have left home for the first time and will be just as eager to find a friendly face. I think that in most situations, you only need to make a handful of friends for your network to expand naturally. I went to drink a lot of beers, to walk around the city and to go shopping with several people from all over the world, some of whom are now my best friends here.

Kaosi Maryjoe Onyenaucheya
Kaosi Maryjoe Onyenaucheya

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